"I received friendly and great support from three of your technicians."

"I was shocked at what the staff did for me. It seemed to be a brand new computer now. There was no way I could have fixed it on my own."

"Thank you for having such well trained techs."

"Tech was very helpful, patient, kind, explained everything he was doing very clearly."

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June 13, 2024

Customer Reviews
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Below are some real comments from our customers about their experiences using My Phone Support.

"The support was unbelievably good." -Robert

"Wonderful, wonderful, oh and did I forget to mention wonderful! [My Phone Support] saved me! My only regret is that I haven't been using their services all along! Thanks guys!" -Shelly

"It's nice to know help is a phone call away."

"It was the most convenient way to get my computer fixed."

"I had a major problem on my computer and the technician was able to resolve it on the first try. I would recommend [My Phone Support] to anybody. Thank You."

"[My Phone Support] took care of my problems... very friendly and courteous."

"Your [technician] was prompt, courteous, and remarkably efficient at finding the culprits and returning my system to high octane performance." -Walter

"Thank you for being patient, knowledgeable, and computer savvy. I will highly recommend your service."

"The technician was able to repair my computer over the phone, which saved me from having to take the computer someplace to be fixed... saved money and time."

"My computer was running slow... My Phone Support improved my computer's speed and capability."

"[My computer] was running slower and slower! [I] called your number got a tech on the line and he was beyond belief!! [He connected to] my PC and... by 5pm it was like a new machine! He contacted me and was as respectful as any employee could be! He did his job well and is an asset to your company." -Bruce

"These technicians are the most dedicated and hard working people that I have seen in many years. I can't say enough good things about [their] work ethic and knowledge." -Al

"Your people... were unbelievably helpful. They spent hours with me fixing my computer. I would highly recommend your service to everyone who needs technical phone support." -Nancy

"[The My Phone Support] technician was very qualified, helpful and friendly."

"It was great... they listened to my problems and fixed them right away."

"[My Phone Support was] very helpful. Everyone that I spoke with was very nice and explained everything. I'm very happy."

"My computer and printer were strangled by garbage. I could not print and my computer was very slow... [My Phone Support] resolved all my issues quickly and personally."

"The analyst did a great job of identifying my problems."

"Everything was back to working order, [the technician] gave me advice on how to keep everything running smoothly and encouraged me to call if there were any problems at all."

"The technician was very adept and resourceful, employing many software tools to improve my computer's performance. I have recommended this service to all of my friends."

"He explained everything he was going to do and was assured me that he would help to get the virus off my computer. He was very kind and patient and started talking about other things while he was clearing up my problem, which really calmed me."

"My Phone Support solved a very severe problem. The personnel were extremely patient and helpful, throughout the entire operation." -Robert

"Yes. I was very frustrated. I had homework to do and was experiencing problems. I called and several people helped. I had a brand new computer and new software so I would never have thought that there could be issues. [The technicians] were very professional and very nice - extremely through. I have not had any problems since... [and] I know that they are there for me!!" - Dorinda


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